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20 Jun 2017
7 Most Common Myths of Pay Per Click Marketing for Business
Posted On: June 20, 2017 | by: aicelluloids

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Pay Per Click marketing is the absolute market leader in the time it comes to online advertising. The largest as well as most powerful and highly influential online advertising campaign of the search engines, Google Inc. alone pulls about $10 billion revenue per year from their PPC or Pay Per Click advertising platform i.e. Adwords. So, now you can understand how Google is doing business as an online advertising company. With such trusted revenue stream, it is obvious that PPC or Pay Per Click is very popular as well as well used among many different market segments.

Myths of Pay Per Click

PPC is not just for big business:

It is for small, medium and large companies. Your words will reach to the customers. PPC is an advertisement campaign that helps to find your customers as per your products and or services. You choose the keywords as per your products or services and pay for that. Your customers will find with the help of keywords and your search will come to them as per their search filtration.

You have to work with Google

It is not true that you have to work only with Google. Google’s PPC is like other networks that provide same ads campaign, like Yahoo Ads, MSN, Bing Ads etc. They are slightly different but the fundamental part is same and you will get same benefits of running pay per click ads.

Pay Per Click is very expensive

The great number of advisers believe pay per click is very expensive, but in true sense it is not. It depends on the keywords or search term you choose. If you choose high volume keywords or search term then it will cost high and if you choose low keywords, it will cost less.

You advertisement would be at the top position

The great thing to run PPC campaign is to get top position on Google’s 1st page. Most of the time, your advertisement will come at the top of the first page, as per the keywords searched by the visitors.

You can run your PPC Ad on autopilot

Another big misconception is that a pay per click marketing campaign can be set up just one time to run by itself continuously until and unless your money runs out. This is not at all true. You need to know how to run the campaign, or others you need to hire to run it for you.

It has a high CTR

Many people think running PPC is good for CTR, but the ultimate thing you should keep in mind is the conversion rate rather than looking the click through rate of your advertisements.

You can be a victim of click fraud

If you do not click on your given PPC ads, then you have less the chances to be a victim of click fraud. Others people will click only if they like to see your ads or the products and or services, you are offering.

It takes long time to show outcomes

Most people believe it takes long time to show the results if you run PPC campaign. This is not at all true. If you layout your pay per click campaign properly, you will likely to get best possible results in a short span of time.


PPC or Pay Per Click is highly effective for the sake of businesses of all types and sizes. The great number of businesses have benefited from pay per click, because it enables advertisers to focus the local markets and helps to drive more and more traffic. Pay Per Click is particularly an ad campaign, which is up and running, one of the best and well-targeted keyword campaign that appear somewhere on the first page of the related searches in every little time. You can start getting traffic just after the launch.

When your pay per click, campaign is perfect, your business will boost its traffic and that you get to notice quickly just after launching the campaign. Pay per click is there perfect for the business that want to notice easily and quickly or one, which is just starts receiving the output quick and tangible. It helps grow your business.


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