31 Oct 2017
Outstanding Advertising Begins With Remarkable Positioning
Posted On: October 31, 2017 | by: aicelluloids

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Advertising Strategies

Why are a lot of spellbinding advertisements are failing to engage Audience?

Who are you as an organization? Who is your target audience? What sets your product, service and company apart from the competition? What common frustration or challenge are you solving? What does your brand stand for? What promise does it make? What personality do you convey?
These fundamental questions and somewhat possibly most critical ones that business owners face today.
To acknowledge, you have to wholly remember what’s your core business does, what your value proposition is to your most critical customers, how you are placed with regard to your competition, and the way you portray your brand story in a convincing method.
If you discover that deciding on who you are and why you are is challenging, most business owners have difficulty in answering these questions clearly, it is really understandable. With so great business going on in an organization, many hopes and goals is building and just as many complications to be solved. Here’s exactly why positioning matters: it helps you reply these key questions. Even more, it helps you get over your competition!
Positioning isn’t what you do to a product. Positioning is what you do to the mind of the prospect. It’s your communication messages that will put a product in the minds of the prospects.

At the point when the product is new and there is no preset brand image, so it needs to set up its own positioning. This is an instance where you can make it a revolutionary positioning. In other cases, the product may be now in the market and might be currently building/rebuilding up its brand image (a change in positioning the brand).
Now let’s look into how we can create strategies for brand positioning.

– By Characteristics/Benefits of the Product/Service
– By Pricing of the Product/Service
– By Product/Service Process
– By Usage of the Product/Service (time and occasion)
– By Personality of the Product/Service

There are accurately hundreds and thousands of competitors, and you are competing with them for customers every day.

– Consumers are looking for price comparisons on the Internet
– Customers are allowed to find anything and everything they want themselves, they don’t need help of analysts, experts, peers to advise them on what to buy
– Today every person is looking in over 3,000 ads per day which are relevant to them

In addition, your customers are reacting to stories that are convincing, engaging, and solve a specific need or problem. They are looking for associations, once they have an emotional connection with brands…thus, the reason that social media has been so fruitful for some many businesses when used appropriately.

So, it’s not all about creating a spellbinding advertisement, it’s all about how you are going to emotionally position your brand to the audience. That’s when your advertising will be successful.